She has been excellent in helping t...

I have been having a series of neurological Physio therapy sessions with Pooja. She has been excellent in helping to restore my confidence and balance. She has a very positive, but firm, approach and, from not being about to walk/balance without clutching onto my waling frame. I have progressed to being able to walk with two sticks and can stand unaided. Poojar comes to my for the treatment and so it is a very concentrated and personal approach directed at my specific disabilities. I have been delighted with the difference that her visits have made.

I feel so much better...

Few months back I sprained my back badly and couldn’t even stand or walk, was completely bedridden. I then received physiotherapy treatment from Pooja for 40 mins and it helped me to hold myself straight up again. After carefully assessing my underlying medical condition she did my treatment with so much of care. I’ll be ever thankful to her and will surely recommend her treatment to everyone


Wonderful, friendly and very pleasant staff...

After a fracture of my femur and pelvis, I had problems with balance and regaining strength and confidence in walking. Jonathan has been seeing me regularly. he has helped me enormously and has also great benefit. His kind and encouraging manner is also reassuring in the process of returning to normality.
Father Ronald Creighton-Jobe

I would very much recommend...

Pooja has been an excellent physio to me. I have been suffering from severe shoulder pain for months. After the first session itself I started feeling the difference. Having regular message treatments at home and suggested exercises I am absolutely pain free now. Please keep up the great work.

I’ve been seeing Jonathan Zulueta..

I’ve been seeing Jonathan Zulueta for vestibular neuritis and migraines as well as BBPV.He has been heaven sent and I am starting to get my life back as result of his services .Not only he is excellent at what he does but he is also highly invested in his patients .when I have been at my worst ,he was available on the phone and was also able to see me for some emergency appointments too.i can not thanks or rate him highly enough ..

Jon visited me at home to treat a ...

Jon visited me at home to treat a wrist injury I’d picked up while cycling which turned out to be irritated ulnar nerve.Having him treat me at home was extremely convenient and Jon used a mixture of manual therapy and a range of strengthening exercises to aid my recovery,as well as taping my arm to alleviate the nerve .His expertise combined with his friendly and approachable nature meant that I was totally at ease and I would recommend his to anyone .Thanks Jon !


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